4 Common Mistakes to Be Avoided in Article Marketing

Though there are many ways to attract visitors to your blogs, the best way to attract is by article marketing. If you take a common survey among the bloggers they would definitely recommend article marketing as one of the best ways to increase traffic. This also helps in another important thing which is nothing but the one way links. These kind of one way links helps in increasing the Page Rank for your blog. When you implement this marketing technique you must be careful in certain things i.e. you must avoid some mistakes. There are 4 common mistakes which is committed by almost all the bloggers and they are as follows,

1. Consistency:

There are people who posts two or three article and they stop doing it for the next time. This kind of approach can never ever help in getting traffic or building links. Patience must be the key factor when you go for article marketing. No blog can get traffic overnight and in fact it is impossible too. So you must do this consistently to see the results.

2. Test:

There is a common tendency among bloggers to leave the article they post without tracking the result of it. One of the biggest article directories in the world is ezine articles and they provide an option called as traffic reports. It is highly advised to use services like this and track how well an article is doing and what is the entire click through rates you are getting.

3. Keywords:

Write articles using the keywords which you use for your blog i.e. if you are focusing on the keyword “new York beauty shops” in your blog then make articles using that and post it in directories. Do not ever write general articles and post unless it is really needed.

4. Content:

There is a famous saying that, “Content is the king”. This applies not only for blog but also for article marketing. Do not write some crap and post it in the directories. This will create a bad impression on your article and which in turn will create a bad impression on your blog.

You can definitely see a change in the flow of traffic after you avoid all these mistakes.